So Its not that bad


Being single is not that bad. I mean, there are still so many things that beautifully happen to your life. I remember, its been almost two years I spent my life with him. The presence of someone that actually brought so much changes. And at that time I forgot how it feels to be on your own. Because, he’s like the part of my life. Everything happen to me, I usually share with him. And so did him. He knew every detail that happen to me. But then I choose to move away and let him go. At first, I thought it will be so difficult to let him someone who had been affected so much in your life. Yes it was hard at first. But then, I think its a good decision. I finally found myself again. Its really good that you still okay on your own.

On my last business trip to Bali (again), I had a chance to enjoy my free time more than usual (because of no so hectic meeting with those guys). And luckily, I went to Bali with my best friend, so its really nice to have someone that you can talk to. I forgot when was the last time I had deep conversation and have quality time with her (eventhough we are a work-mate rite now).



So, on the fine afternoon, we had a dinner in Jimbaran waiting for the sunset. I just realize, when I was in relationship I rare to spent time with my friends and family. That one thing I should take note.


Then, on Friday I catch flight on 12 pm so we can arrive on time back to my college for some of my friends graduation. Unfortunately, I only take pictures with my juniors because the pictures with my friends in other cameras. So yeah, one of the great week I’ve had.


20130830_164016 20130830_163523


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