Have you..

Have you ever feel so alone and lost?

Bukan perasaan yang menyenangkan. Seberusaha apapun untuk menyibukkan diri, tapi ketika kesibukan itu reda sejenak dan kamu menyadari tinggal dirimu sendiri jauh dari hingar bingar kota yang gemerlap, termangu di dalam gelap kamar.

I feel so alone.

A week ago I had a farewell to someone. Not my ex, but another man. Someone that companied me in the middle of my life for a while. For him, maybe I’m a sweet escape from his life and his relationship with his four-years-gf. For me, he’s a nice companion who always there when I need him at the right time.

I knew him for such a long time. Which this is the very first time I mention about him on my blog. I dont know this is an affair or not, but whatever it is I finally cut the crap.
I dont want to be stuck in the middle, stuck in something complicated that might hurt everyone who involve in this. Include me. I dont want to get my self hurt.

I knew it is sad but I’m happy because I made the right decision. but yes I need to be busy so I can forget my loneliness feeling.


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