Never Ending

When you will say you finally reach a peak on your life?
When you graduate from school(s)? When you get fine job? When you finally married (or re-married)?
That’s a never ending questions and I think its very human-being to have many goals to achieved in this life.

As a person who almost turns 25 years old by next year, now I am facing 2 BIG questions in my life. Dulu kalau jaman sekolah SD-SMP-SMA-kuliah, goal yang ingin dicapai lebih mudah. Lulus tepat waktu, lulus dengan nilai memuaskan, melanjutkan pendidikan ke sekolah yang oke. Then, I graduated from my S1. Finally, released as a eligible fresh-graduate eager to conquer the world. Or, at least do something that called as “passion”. But, what is my passion?

First question as a fresh-graduate is always be the same: what you will do for living? Get a job? Yes, of course. What kind of job do you want to get?—and that’s the beginning of never ending questions. After you get your first job, you will start questioning yourself: is it the things that you want to do for the rest of your life? After your resign for the job, you will eventually asking yourself again: is this the best thing to do? And sooooo on. After you realize, doubt is needed to fire the faith.
Some of my friends are lucky enough to get their first job in a decent company, good wage, better environment, and it is their passion.
The others are need to be more patient and have enough courage to work in some places that did not fulfill their passion. Beberapa kawan sempat terjebak bekerja di convenience store atau tempat kerja yang jauh dari bidang ilmu yang dipelajari (apalagi passion). Its a very long journey.
Atau ada juga beberapa yang memilih untuk melanjutkan kuliah di jenjang yang lebih tinggi di luar atau dalam negeri.

I am not really a fresh graduate actually. I graduated on February 2013 and a month later got a job in one of government institution. But I keep start asking myself if this place is truly where I belong? Especially when I feel very tired of the work load. Then, I listened to “Budapest – This is the best it gets”. The song is about asking yourself if your position right now is already something best you get after all. And I am asking myself the same question. Do I really want to stay the same or walk slowly to the top. But, it lead me to another question. What kind of top do I really want to reach in my life?

Second questions is when will I get married? Tough. Especially, when your friends is already getting married and have babies. The decision of when to get married and with whom I will get married will be the hardest one. Since it will shape and affect to the answer of my first question and of course to the future. Imagining married and live to one person for the rest of your life quite frightened yet make me excited.
Some people say it only need the right person on the right time. Maybe I am just need a little time to prepare myself. I need to describe what marriage means to me.

Ah well, that was my blabbering for today. Eventhough I already have an answer for those question, I need to write it down the questions here so I won’t forget about.


Have a sweet dreams

One thought on “Never Ending

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