Kepikiran aja…

Tanggal 20 Oktober 2014 Presiden baru akan dilantik. Rejim baru akan dimulai.
10 tahun rejim SBY telah berlalu and he holds it strong despite all the ups and downs happened under his regime. At least he got all the respect.
What about the new President? Sebagai Presiden terpilih dari partai oposisi rejim terdahulu, maka oposisi di pemerintahan yang baru diisi oleh kandidat yang kalah (oh you know who). Funnily, the opposition team already ruled the legislative.

Sebagai orang yang kerja di pemerintahan, I also cant wait to see who will be the next minister in my ministry. With all the agenda upcoming for next year (and next five years), I believe there will be a lot of changes in the government body.

Politic is about power. And you wont be powerful unless you get the respect from people.
And how you will earn it? Especially from people who dislike you.
I think the new President need to seek the answer. You know, get your friend close but your enemy closer. I hope that he knows that his enemy is getting stronger each day.

Be careful, Mr. President.

Good luck for 20th October 2014.

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