What I Left Behind (and The Adventure Awaits)

I do remember, when I was having lunch in a fine hotel with my lecturer after a seminar years ago. She asked about a possibility career in a research center at my university. Its just a few weeks before my graduation and my mind full with thousand career options. It’s very easy to accept the offer, but I said no at that time. Working in (my) university and become a lecturer, is a one of my dream job. But I wanted to try another career option. The world is vast, vary with different type of people, and at that time my university is kind of my comfort zone. They said that life begin when you leave your comfort zone. Eventhough I don’t have any (specific) plan at all, I just believe that I have to leave my comfort zone and walk out.

A month later, I was accepted at one of Government Institution which I spent two amazing years there. I learned a lot about how cruel the world is, yet I found not only friends but family. I just wondering how blessed I am because I got a lot of beneficial while working there. They said, when you lose a thing the you get some thing to replace it. I got the opportunity to work in international environment, got a real experience to work in national level issue, know some interesting and smart people, known by them, and also dealing with substance issue that I haven’t give any interest to study when I was in college. I don’t know it’s karma or not, but I do enjoy it, learning something new. My knowledge is still inadequate, yet it what pushes me to keep learning.

Speaking of ‘I found not only friends but family’ is quite true. There is a person who act just like an older sister for me.  She’s smart, beautiful, fierce, bold, and any good thing you can put the words to her. For the last two years, she’s just like a role model for me. Not only in my work-sphere, but also in daily life. She taught me how to be an independent woman. She helped me to move on from my ex. A lot of life lesson I learned from her. I know, our relationship is far from what we imagined. I also close with her family. Its always good to found a friend that feels like a family.

In the end of 2014, there are a lot of plans that didn’t work as I wanted to be. I was at the bottom. I felt betrayed and mad at the same time. And it leads me to a conclusion: I have to move forward. My office already became a comfort zone, it is very easy (although it is also very hard) to stay and survive there. But I know, I won’t move anywhere if I stay. One of my resolution in 2015 is quit the job and find another one that I really wanted.

I have a struggle to define ‘what I really wanted to do’ in my life. It’s not very specific. So, I read a book from Rene Suhardono: Your Job is Not Your Career. Its only a few people who live in their passion (bravely. because not all the passion is glamour). And most of the people don’t know what is their passion. Maybe, when you heard a word ‘career’, the one thing came to your mind is a stairs. But Rene explained in his book that career is more of self-achievement. And only you decide it. What is your self-achievement. What you wanted to be and how to achieve it.

Then I know one thing about my passion. I am eager to learn something new. Specifically, in an issue that I love. Since, I wanted to study in Development Study area for my master degree, it’s very appropriate if I work in an institution that very related to my study. Then, God answered my pray. It’s what brought me here, into my new office. Another Government Institution that focus on Development.

Funny how God answered your pray. Alhamdulilah. It’s not gonna be easy. But I do believe it will be exciting.

Until I resigned, I still can’t believe that I will work there. The last three days I spent at my new office is just like a dream. I’m living in my dream!! *excited*

So, hopefully, I can survive (must!) there. With all the obstacles. New atmosphere. New issue. Etc.

But, hey, who will grow in an easy way? You won’t be stronger unless you found a solution for difficulties. 😀

Have a nice day, people!

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