Marriage is a Business

Few days ago, one of my friends post about her thought about marriage in her path. Well, the theme is about “Marriage is more like a business”. Somehow, I quite agree with her. In my point of view, marriage is not only about romance, sharing feeling, and all of the fairy tale told you. But, it’s more like an agreement between two people (or families, the fact that I live in a country where marriage is more like a family joint) to live and build life together. More than that, not only sharing happiness, romance, bed, bills, house etc, yet sharing problem together and solve the problem together. The interesting part when she mentioned about how multinational corporation works well, because of true commitment and hard-work. So does relationship and marriage. Because the flings can fly into somewhere, but vision will stay.

Well, if marriage is a business, then family is the company. You and your partner is the founder of the company (of course). So what kind of business you intend to build? What kind of partner that you think will fit into your criteria to build the company together?

And if you still guessing about what I’m talking about, well there are two articles that related to this theme: article one and article two.

Ps: nope, the answer is no if you are thinking that I’m going to marry soon. But, sooner or later better to prepare about it from now, rite? 🙂

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