So, last (not so long) weekend I went to Bandung for one night (duh, just because I had a French’s premiere test in Sunday morning) from Friday to Saturday with my girls. Yes, college never ends and my #CCAB know how to have fun together.

So what’s the mission? Totally for F-O-O-D of course! Just because I only had one day I won’t miss any chance to visit a restaurant that has been a-must-place-to-go since I found the post in Instagram. So, there are 3 in total that I visited last Saturday. Two of them are so called mainstream but I never been there juga, so hell yea!

Roti Selai


C’est parfait restaurant pour petit déjeuner. Yes, of course we were having breakfast here. The first time I found the post about this restaurant, I really want to go there! It’s in Jalan Dago Golf Raya no. 98. The place is quiet small, but the food taste is real big! It offers you many kind of bread, any kind of jam, and they are signature is meringue egg. Unfortunately, they ran of it when we came. But, still, I ordered the brown curry rice with onsen egg (which I crave also).

Eventhough it’s small, it’s a lovely place. The couple who run the cafe told us that they’re just open for three months. They’re surely need to find bigger place.

20150516_110229 20150516_110239

Fromage ❤

So what we had at Roti Selai. I personally ordered Beef Curry Rice with Brown Rice and Onsen Egg. My friends ordered roti bakar with 2 optional jams that she can choose. And the other try the Bread Pudding. They also sells many bread options, I tried the Cheese Buns! They also sell kombucha and many fresh refreshment.20150516_110755

J’aime beaucoup!!! ❤

How about the Curry Rice? Well, I personally love the spice taste and especially the onsen egg. Well done, good job, I do loooooove it (as a curry lover). My friends said that it too tasty, but hell yea I love it.

And the second place we visited is…

Rasa Bakery and Cafe


What? Rasa? Rasa yang telah hilang #haiyah hahaha. Yep, it’s an authentic and old restaurant. Located in Jalan Tamblong No. 15 Braga. Because my stomach still full, I only ordered Vanilla Ice Cream.

mon favori ❤

My friends ordered cakes and traditional snacks. The cakes reminds me with Toko Tip Top in Medan.

Bon appetite!

The Ice Cream waaaaaaas goood (Joey Tribiani accent). It’s perfect place for you who want to enjoy tea time, dessert and ice cream (of course baby). And it’s a full house!

They also have lasagna, macaroni schottel etc!!

The third place is…

I know you can guess what it is

Batagor Kingsley
I know I know it’s overrated! But, I want BATAGOR! Gimme oneee.. And because I am totally full, so I shared a plate with my friends. How about the taste? Sure, it was good. I wonder why so many good food in Bandung. Unfortunately, the only thing that I dislike from this place is they only accept cash (I ran out of cash and wanted to brought many for home, huft). And their staff was so unkind. Maybe because it’s a full house, it’s Saturday and there are all look very tired.

So sorry but I actually was not so impressed with this restaurant.

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