Blabbering (Updated no.5)

So, I had a random thought and accident lately:

1) One day in the morning, I woke up so sudden (because I need to pee!), after 3 steps I fell and hit the floor. I’ve loosen control of my legs. My friends said that after you wake up it’s better to ‘idle’ for a while before stand up. Hmm, must be very careful next time.

2) I wonder why people are so focus on the east Indonesia as the most poor region. Yea I know, there are the poorest region. So thats why all the aid focus on them (have you heard cynical stereotype about the island of aid). But, I just wondering about the same problem in here. Big city, urban problem, that the distance between rich and poor are so extreme. For example, every morning while I’m on my to the office using train I always pass the slum area. Where people sleep on the street, even pee and do other things! In here, sanitation problem still big deal.
And, funnily I heard someone who gave a (silly and naive) comment about Indonesia status became Middle Income Country. She said, as the status rise so (supposedly) we already leave the status of poverty, hunger etc (she against the project of zero hunger btw). I think she’s being funny. Number is just a number. Yes, eventhough Indonesia now a MIC but it still has more complicated problem. I was hardly hold my laugh.

3) Still related of number 2, so my conclusion is Poverty is a trap. I did a whole day research about poverty. And poverty doesn’t have any related with how much money you have. But with ‘what will you do with the money’. It’s pretty obvious why poor people stay poor. Because they clearly not had any idea about the finance literate. That’s why BLT or Bolsa Familia didn’t give any improvement to reduce poverty BUT the Grameen Banks did. Although, it’s still need years of experience and research to adapt the knowledge here. Microfinance surely is a great topic.

4) To empower any human being (I don’t want to use any gender nor age nor religion for this term) is about to bring any groups (that separate by the terms I’m using before) become balance and in the same level. The first thing to do is to cooperate with the dominant groups. Involve them to make it happen. yes, it’s still utopia but everything starts from a dream, right.

5) Do you think that hunger is big problem? Just tell me about food waste. How many food wasted a year and compare it with people who can’t afford decent food. It just breaks my heart. Food waste also a BIG problem. N’oublie pas! Order food that only you can finish.