(Not So) Food Guide at Geneva


In 2013 I had a Business Trip to Geneva for a week. In between tight schedules and meetings, luckily I had a chance to visit some restaurants there. Dan yang namanya orang Asia walaupun udah ke luar negeri tetep aja nyari-nya makanan Asia hahaha 😀 One thing for sure when I went abroad what I miss was Teh Botol 😦

Anyhow, I will highlight some foods and restaurant that I found very delicious and worth to visit.

Istanbul Kebab
20131102_170341 (1)

Kebab business is pretty successful in Europe? It’s cheap (at least affordable), big size portion and halal. How about the taste? Sure it’s delicious. Compare to any Kebab I’ve ever eat, this is the best Kebab so far (yaiyalah, gue makan kebab dimana sih? wkwkw). This Istanbul Kebab really near to my hotel, close to the gare (train station). Located in the heart of city.

What I love from this restaurant is they have menu in english version. Back then I can’t speak French (I only understand Bonjour and Merci haha). They also has free wifi (very useful for traveler). The staffs are not very nice but really helpful. What I love most is their special sambal. And the lamb is verrrry good. And because its affordable, I ate in here five times I guess hahaha.

Chez Ma Cousine 


My friend brought us to had dinner in here. He said this restaurant serves the best roast chicken in town. And when you open their site, surely the first line to introduce the restaurant is “Restaurants de spécialités de poulet à Genéve”. And I quite agree with it. Ccompare to other resto who serves roast chicken in Jakarta, the taste at Chez Ma Cousine is above them all. And they gave you tons of wedges potatoes!

The interior is really nice, dominated by yellow-color theme, with low light.

When I ate there, I mistakenly think one of their staff really looks like an Indonesian. I stare at him quite long and wish he could speak Bahasa. Unfortunately, no. He spoke English to us. 😀

And if you visit Geneva, this restaurant must be in your list.

Best Noodles and Roast Duck!


Well, I hate myself because I forgot where I eat this delicious wonton noodle. T_T All I remember is it’s a chinese (hongkong perhaps) restaurant. The owner and all of the staff are chinese. They had the best roast duck. And what I love most is their spicy sauce. It tastes soooooooo delicious. Even I went to many chinese restaurants in Jakarta, I never had any spicy sauce that taste the same just like they had in Geneva huhuhuhu. Even this restaurant was my former minister’s wife favorite.

Saking suka-nya gue sampai makan disini dua kali padahal mehitong bengets cyinnnn T_T They also had a ice cream dessert made from lychee.

Actually, in my last day I visited a Sushi Bar Resto near Istanbul Kebab, Wasabi Sushi Bar and had dinner at Italian Restaurant with my friends. The Wasabi Sushi Bar is pretty good (real good actually, their sushi is really fresh <3) but I don’t enjoy the time when I ate at the Italian Restaurant. Haha. Maybe because they are not very tasty. 🙂

10 thoughts on “(Not So) Food Guide at Geneva

  1. Oh meeen… Tam, please keep on writing these stuff, mouth-watering bangeeet, bikin kelaperan tengah malem tau ga hahaha.. dan iya teh botol itu ngangenin pisanlah..

    eh btw just in case you haven’t notice, I also part-time writing a few thing in this other blog of mine hehe https://thewindchill.wordpress.com/

    • Hahaha sorry for make you hungry at midnight :p anyhow thank you for reading this and hopefully I can continue writing about food. I think I finally reveal my true passion: food 😂😂😂
      And yes, your new blog is lovely. Already followed it!

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