Quarter Life

Hell, I wasn’t writing anything for weeks.
As I already mentioned in previous post, I’ve been busy with #macmacmia during Ramadhan month. And hell yeah it was super exciting. I never expect I would enjoy my day in kitchen or spent times in traditional market. Alhamdulilah, there are a lot of ordered for #macmacmia.

Another thing is, I turned 25 on 25th June. Quite a ryhme. Being 25 years old is quite frightening at first. But, I do realize something. God blesses me with His love through families, friends, and him. So, I’m officially in a stage of quarter life (hopefully not a crisis haha). Bianvenue nouveau moi!

I have a lot of plans for myself. From now on, I promise to be more focus, concern and do my best to achieve my goals. Bon Courage!


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