Dear Birthday Boy

2015-11-11 15.10.48

A year ago, when I was in Jayapura I just randomly took a picture of a “happy birthday” to someone I barely knew at that time.

I remember the first time I met him. It was not so crowded concert, but still the hall was full. There was a lady sing wholeheartedly whom he claimed as his favorite singer. I must agree that she has a good voice. I can saw sparkles in his eyes while watching Yuna. Well, he really in love with her.

Time goes by, we sooner became much closer than I can ever imagine. A year feels like a blink of eye. It’s a wonderful journey. Well, without him I couldn’t push myself to run over 10km. And without him also, I couldn’t ever think to create #macmacmia.

With his kindness, I learned to trust again. With his affection, I learned to love again. With his belief, I learned that I can be anything I want.

From him, I learned to be strong. From him, I learned to be belief on my own strength.

Maybe for him, I’m just the spoiled woman he ever met. Maybe for him, I’m just a crybaby person. But he never complained. He just always there, comfort me, gave me courage, even we are not only share laugh and joy but also tears. Also, I still remember the warm feeling that I felt the first day we’ve met.

Dear my baby bear, happy birthday! Welcome to 28th years old world! It’s been a wonderful journey we’ve had and I seek many years ahead with you.

Just like Steve Jobs said, don’t live on others people dogma! Let’s rule our own world. Go achieve your dream. I’ll always pray for your happiness, health and success. I hope you always remember that every step we take is under God’s will. Always remember Him for every step you take.

God bless you, dear. Have a good life ahead.


With love,

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