#dapurtami: Baked Lemon Chicken Ala-Ala

I know it look ugly
Can you see the melted cheese? :3

So, things get pretty crazy lately. But one thing for sure can calm me down is cooking. And my favorite (and very easy to cook) is baked lemon chicken.

You just need:
– breast boneless chicken
– a lemon
– salt & pepper
– dried basil
– mozzarella cheese
– milk
– chili powder

How to do it:
– marinated the chicken with salt & pepper, squash the lemon and don’t forget to put the dried basil on both side. (jangan lupa si daging ayam ditusuk-tusuk dengan garpu supaya bumbu meresap). Leave it for some times, best leave it on refrigerator.
– belah bagian pinggir hingga tengah untuk si mozzarella cheese, pastikan berada di dalam “perut” si daging ayam
– I love to bake it with fry pan because it easy and faster rather than oven. Tinggal sesuaikan api, dan tutup fry pan menggunakan tutup panci yang tersedia di dapur anda. Cek beberapa menit sekali supaya daging dapat di bolak-balik agar matang di kedua sisi. Gue selalu prefer api kecil, supaya memastikan daging ayam matang sempurna.
– Add some milk (sesuai selera). Gue hanya menambahkan sedikit (disiram ke atas daging) supaya saat di bake susu-nya meresap ke daging. In another recipe bahkan daging-nya gue rendam dengan susu.
– Voila! You have your dinner ready!
– Oh iya, how about the chili powder? Just add it whatever you like. I do like spices and spicy things so I eat anything with chili powder haha.

So, I’m the kind of person who is easily move by good food. When I’m in a bad mood (especially mau PMS macam ini), I love to spend some time in a kitchen. I don’t care about how it look, but as long as the taste is good, I won’t complain.

Just a few weeks ago I’m crazy to cook bolognese sauce (as you can check from my @macmacmia.id account). And how lovely that my friends love it too. And now, actually, I’m curios to bake cookies!!! Haha. Ah well, let’s see later will I cook it or not :p

Have a good night :*


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