A Stranger That I’ve Met

One of the art of travel is meet a stranger. Not only just stranger but a stranger who gave you insight. Well, I met one when I was in Singapore. She’s my roommate in the hostel I stayed.

To be honest, when I was packed my bag and left Jakarta I was in the middle of sadness because one of scholarship I applied just reject me. So, I clearly mentioned all of my friends to not
 talked about it because we were in holiday and I just wanna having fun.

The girl I met, her name is Sima, was not in a travel but she stayed in Singapore for work. She basically from Kuala Lumpur, and went to work in Singapore. The reason why she stayed in a hostel rather than rent an apartment with friends because although is not cheaper yet she doesn’t have to worry to clean up the place. Yep, the hostel we stayed is quite clean and tidy.

I didn’t realize it almost 2.5 hours we talked about many things. From how good the Singapore’s infrastructure to support the citizens, politics, how Urban Development could be a worse in some cities, how economic recession affect, and also about food blogger (since she and I work in food industry) trend lately, about coffee (because turns out she is a barista), many things.

Talking to her just remind me the reason why I wanna continue my school. Because world is vast, I wanna see the world, and I wanna see other’s perception  about life. I clearly can see her character driven her so far so she can be in her place. Funny how she told me she had an agricultural major. She said why she works as a barista and left her country because back before she was a banker in her country. And it gave you so much stress, so while still young, why don’t take chance to work in other countries and do what she likes. Making coffee. And Singapore so convenient to live.

In conclude, she mentioned about do whatever can make you happy. Because after all you are the one who can control your life. And also, do your life with your own value.

For a first meeting, having 2 hours conversation with her just blow my mind. Unfortunately, I couldn’t took a visit to her coffee shop (actually it’s a wine cellar which sold coffee). Maybe some other times when I’m back to Singapore.

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