Thankyou 2015!

Its the last day of 2015. While I’m writing this post, I’m in a local coffee shop in Solo, my father’s hometown. His mother passed away a few days ago. Death for me is a reminder that life’s only a blink of eye. Earlier this month I took a visit of grandmother actually (during my business trip of course) and I knew it that her time is only a moment away. So, her death already predictable and I’m not surprise at all when I received the news.

Anyway, talking about 2015. So many things had happened to me. Some are achievement, some are failure.

First, I finally move to another office in March (still government institution). It’s kinda my dream office actually. But sometimes dreams are not same with reality. However, I’m still grateful because I can finally move on from former office and get another experience. And of course, the substance of current office is very interesting and very related to my passion.

Second, I create an food online-shop: macmacmia which specialty in macaroni schottel. Honestly, selling is not my expertise. I always believe that I don’t have any talent to sell anything but, hey, I did it! At least macmacmia survive for six months (from June to November). I really did enjoy the whole process. Marketing ain’t easy but it’s fun. I broke all the boundaries I had! And thank you for all the customers who had taste and love macmacmia. And I’m sorry that this month (until further notice) macmacmia will take a break due to the tight activities I had. I’m so honored, some loyal customers asked when macmacmia will cook again.

Third, I didn’t get the scholarship that I really want. I’m waiting almost a year and I failed. After a moment of mourning, now I’m preparing for another scholarship. Hopefully I will be more focus because….

Fourth, I broke up with my boyfriend. Sad. Angry. Disappointment. Exhausted. And I realize this won’t work because the pressure I’ve got. The mistake is mine. I hurt everyone because of my selfish decision. I’m sorry for the pain and the heart-broken you received. If love means liberate. So I’m letting you go to find your own happiness. I didn’t want to be anybody’s burden. And thank you for the stories and memories we had together. You truly are a very beautiful soul.

Maybe, alone is the best answer for my current situation. Since I’m not interest to seek other relationship, I just want to focus on myself at this moment.

Well, 2015, thankyou for your story, experience, sadness, happiness, friendship, lose, pain, laugh, tears.

Merci! ❤

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