What Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You Stronger


My sister bought this book months ago. With the shiny pink cover, it’s hard to not take a look and open the pages. I found this book very cute outside and full of wise words inside. Like this one. I just randomly open one of the page and coincidencely this was the first page I opened and read.

If I can relate to this quote, I can say that I am in the middle of process to ‘climbing a mountain’. Just like previous post, I mentioned about I passed the administration process and have a chance to interview selection. This year the competition is tighter than before. And I knew very well the challenges I’ll face for it. It ain’t easy. It’s tiring. It’s exhausting. BUT I won’t stop. It doesn’t make stop or give up.

Despite all the challenges, I also find that doing all the process is fun. I also enjoy the journey I had while doing this. I do always love research and discover something I love. I love every minute I spend to search some useful topics and knowledge. And what encourage me more is I find some people who also has same dream. Since caring is sharing, I’m more than happy to sharing the information I have to the people and even strangers! The minute after I share a document to a few people, another people from different group (outside jakarta bahkan) also receive the document that I shared! How technology now helps us to connected to each other.

So dear strangers and people who randomly read my post, I do hope that we can get and achieve our dreams. It won’t be easy but just we know it’s worthed so we fight for it. Whatever your dream is. Do not give up yet. Fight until you make it. 🙂

Have a good night people (eventhough it’s 03.02 am while I’m writing this) hihihi

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