New Chapter of My Life

Last week I celebrated my 26th years old birthday. Well, having a party is unnecessary, yet hosting a small and intimate event is kind of my expertise. So, since it’s my own birthday, nobody can stop me from my own idea. And because it’s coincide with the holy month Ramadhan (the month of everybody goes iftar togeter, have reunion, etc), I invited two circle of friends from Junior High School, or I rather called them over-a-decade-friends. Along with some people who matters to me.

the most awaited macaroni schottel: macmacmia

It’s just fun to decorate your own house (small decoration of course) with things you like (flowers, balloons, etc) and deciding on the menu (my own home-cook the famous macmacmia, my mom’s sop buntut, nasi bakar ibu lady, beserta cemilan-cemilan lainnya). But the most exciting part was of course when we finally gather together, share stories, laugh and joy. They are the people I grow up with. ❤

So being 26 kinda remind me to be more grateful for what I have, what I don’t have. Especially, the people that matters to me who always be there to me. Thank you 🙂

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