White Ramadhan

You know, there is always be something first for every time in your life. Ramadhan this year is my first experience far away from home. What makes it more special is the Ramadhan in down under is during winter. The benefits having Ramadhan during winter is the day is short, so I already have iftar at 5pm 😀

So, white Ramadhan is not too much since I also went to Snowy Mountain last weekend.

(also) my first snow experience

Since Australian National Imams Council already announced that we will have Eid Al-Fitr on 25th of June, this year Eid-Al Fitr officially the same day as my birthday. I’m going to be 27th years old this Sunday. How does it feel to celebrate your special day among millions of people all over the world? I don’t know. During prayer, I was thinking about the meaning of Eid Al-Fitr.

Lebaran, in my familiar words, is a pretty special day for all muslims. Its not about the food (although I’m very excited to cook rendang for my friends), its not about you already accomplished full month of Ramadhan, its not about the festive and gather with people you love. I kinda feel more reflective this year. Especially with what happened lately around the world. Anger, hate, and ‘war’ that happened in all over the world. But maybe people forget that we, human, are only a little tiny creature compare to the vast universe. Only little tiny dot that exist in this world.

Yeah, maybe, it’s all about how you spend your time doing what matters to you. Especially to people that matters to you. Maya Angelou had said that our legacy is the every soul and life we have touched with kindness and love. In the world full of pain, be someone that offers kindness might help others to look world in different way.

This year, in my reflective moment, I want to embrace my weakness as human, to have a big ego that makes me forget about what really matters. Which I hope, in the future years, I could reduce my ego and prioritise others needs. Whatever happened to me is happen because of the will of God. Without Him, I might not be in the place where I am today. Thank you for the gently reminder. Indeed, He has spoken to you in many ways.

QS 20: 6
To Him belongs what is in the heavens and what is on the earth and what is between them and what is under the soil

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