Escape from Canberra


Thanks God, teaching break kali ini literally a holiday (last semester was totally different story, I spent most of my times in library/school). My school gave us two-weeks of teaching break! So, on the first week all I did was recover from flu/cold (yep, I got sick in first days because of lack of sleep during mid-exam week) and visited two cities nearby (Wollongong and Sydney “again”).

After all the drama happened lately, get out from Canberra for a while is a good idea. Hang out with friends, eating my favourite foods, going to the beach, laugh likes there is no problem, and just spending time with friends.

Gong is really a nice city. The beach is so beautiful and really love the lookout. Kelamaan tinggal di Canberra bikin gue memilih kota yang sepi dan punya pemandangan yang bagus. New South Wales really a good place for you to see the coast, beach and just want a laid back holiday. Not really much to see (or not really adventurous at that time). So we only spent a day there and went home to Canberra.

While Sydney just being Sydney. Always full of people. What we did besides ate Indonesian food was going to Bondi beach (there’s a festival of the winds) and then bush-walk to Bronte beach.

So, that’s it, a short story of what I did during holiday. And now it’s really nice to go back home (home=Canberra) fully recharge and ready to face all the assignments! lol

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