We live in unfair world. When more powerful people oppressed the weakest group. When bad people run the bad society with bad system. Its systemic and happened far far before when I was born.

#MeToo hashtag was flooding my twitter timeline few weeks ago. The point is to show that many many many people that having experience on sexual assault and sexual harassment so you don’t feel alone. But, so many people experienced that make me sick and sad because how cruel the world can be. Its kinda affecting me actually. Because I don’t see myself as an outsider who feel sad because of the story. But more as one of them. Who feel worthless, tiny, small, and not worth because of the event.

And it is not about women, but many people can be the victim. Old, young, men, women, trans, etc. Its make me sick because of the world can be cruel. And what make it more sick is because people tend to blame the victim. Thats what makes people silent, burry their sadness and grieve over their pain alone.

As writing this, my hands still feel cold, and the anger is still in my heart. Holding grudge won’t let you go anywhere. This courage to write in this sphere, at least helps me to admitting that I won’t be affected by this pain anymore. Because what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger.

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