The One and the Gloomy City


Last week, I arrived in Soekarno-Hatta Airport when its raining. The grey and gloomy cloud welcomed me after I survived 7 hours of direct flight from Sydney. I suddenly missed the clear blue sky in Canberra, but remember it was super hot there I decided to enjoy this gloomy city I supposedly call home.

Its only two-months holiday actually, but somehow its so hard to leave Canberra. I don’t know if I’m ready to go back to Jakarta for good next year. Realising that I only have one year left to study in Canberra, I know I have to enjoy every moments there. Yet, now I have to enjoy my time with family and friends in Jakarta. The most exciting part is I’m gonna have trips with friends next year! So, now just enjoy myself in Jakarta (now getting used to with the traffic, crowd in the mall, etc).

Speaking of 2017, its one of the most challenging year for me. I have to say that I’m proud of myself to push my life far from my comfort zone. So it really is a good year with it ups and downs. Should I write a post about the highlight of 2017? Or should I make a resolution to write more in here next year? 😀 I guess I’m getting lazier to update anything in this blog somehow.

Anyway, I also want to apologise to anyone who sent email to me but I didn’t give any reply. Been busy the last couple of months. I’ve been thinking to held another sharing session, but maybe next year and only for limited people (since most of my friends are in Australia!).

So, enjoy end of the year holiday, mates!


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