Day 1: Introduction

In 14 days me and my soul-brother, A, have a pact to have “fasting” from our sweet-distractions. Its kinda detox for me and him because both of us have similar-yet-different-problems in our love life story (silly, I know, yet, its still a distraction).

So, during 14 days, in the middle of many assignments, I’m gonna post something things that I grateful every day. This-pause-and-fasting-for-detox is more like a sweet reminder for me that I need to focus to get back on myself. Even sometimes its difficult to define ‘myself’. Anyway, one thing that I remember, a guy told me why he likes me a lot because the logical way of thinking that I have. He knows I always overthinking, well he does the same too. So I remember the time when we discussed about many things in the end I felt like my mind wanna blow up about the topic haha. Maybe because he’s too similar to me, I messed up. Anyway…

I messed up. But the point is this post is a way for me to remind of things that I feel grateful.

Today is dedicate for people that who always there for me in my ups and downs. Specially my best friends, in Canberra, Adelaide and Jakarta. In the night that I need to cry but I cant cry (you know that feeling, rite) just rambling through the phone. Or people that you can send lame jokes in random day. Well anyway, I love you! You know who you are. Sorry I’m not being the best friend I used to be, but hey, I’m pretty annoying if I being that kind of ‘best friend’, rite? 😀

Ps: I also grateful for my room position. I have this big window that faced east so always get the sun-ray. And there are big trees in front of my room which usually many birds hang out in there.

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