Day 4: Self-Worth

Being confidence over yourself is not an easy things to do.

Nobody won’t believe me if I told them that once I was really introvert and shy. Grew up as this chubby and fat girl not easy in my society. I choose to be don’t really care with people’s opinion. I believe that only beautiful people that deserve to be loved and in love.  Its really affect me on how I see myself. I always thought that I’m not interesting enough and always be the girl who lives in the shadow.

Its getting worse when I had a boyfriend when I was in early 20. During our relationship, he always said that I’m not pretty, I’m fat, and mock me. Its really not healthy relationship. At that time I learned the hard way how to defend myself from people that don’t value you. Even until we broke up and separate, I still feel the anger inside me towards him.

One thing I feel grateful is I can come over with the issue I had in the past. He might be the worst boyfriend I every had. But you know, in every hardship you always get something to learn. That its important to love yourself first and put yourself as your priority. Don’t ever rely on any relationship.

I guess thats how I get this confidence in me. When you accept your life is not perfect and you’re fine by it. So, thats how you get this self-worth. Because I learn to value myself as a person who is not perfect but willing to improve.


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