Day 7: Small Things

Yea I know, I became lazy to continue post the 14-days-detox-journal (and tbh, I failed lol). After I submit my last essay last Thursday, just feel so tired and exhausted looking at my Mac to be honest. But now I have to prepare for exam, presentation and essay next week! And I’m trying to relax and chill despite the craziness happened lately to me.

Okay, something crazy happened! But I cannot reveal but I just felt headache, mad, angry and all the negative emotions. But I won’t let myself drown in this madness. So, better cut this off and focus on my goals. Whatever happened to me lately affecting my mood and emotion. I realise I become more emotionless than I was before. I guess thats how I cope with this condition. Being emotionless is helpful tho, especially when I have to focus on my school. I won’t let myself affected by the situation around me.

So, during these days, I really appreciate the small stuffs around me. Lately, I love to read receh jokes. Or I just enjoy the small greetings from the barista everytime I order coffee. Friendly smile from strangers while I walk pass the park near home. Watch the crescent moon that prettily hanging up there. And a good company with good conversation is absolutely appreciated! Especially people that can make me laugh no matter how lame the joke was. Living in the moment without worry about the future or thinking about the past is what I’m doing now (except worry about the essay, lol).

Its Sunday and gloomy. I’m gonna host lunch for friends because I’m happy (when I’m happy, I cook, and I know its gonna be delicious. So, sharing happiness is what I’m gonna do). I really grateful that despite the madness happened to me lately, there’s still things that can make me really happy (and when you are happy, you face is glowing, I really happy the glowing is back!).

So happy Sunday, stranger.

Don’t forget to wear your sweater because its getting colder. ❤

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