Day 14 + xx days: Closure

I know its been super late update, but I get carried away with semester breaks. I’m too lazy to open my Mac and write something. This is my last post for the 14-days-detox journal. Its been quite a journey itself with its funny story that I found along the way. Its a bit funny because during the last days I when to Sydney and just happened to had a breakfast with a friend. My schedule in Sydney its pretty full and he insisted to have breakfast with me (because I had to see friend from Jakarta around 10 am and he had to catch a flight at 11 am). So, we had early breakfast around 8am. Super early for me who always lazy to get up in Saturday morning. But I didn’t regret it because the conversation between me and him would be perfectly fit to close my detox journal.

Both of us have dull-love-story, you know late-20s kind of problems. I admire his value to give a chance to someone he loves but at the same time draw a bold line to respect himself. He also taught me how important commitment and he believes that friends-with-benefits or non-attachment won’t work. I somehow somewhat agree on him. The other half of me still deny it tho. He said the “I-cant-trust-anyone” and “I-dont-know-if-I’m-capable-to-fall-in-love-again” are just a phase. Rather than randomly hanging out or dating with different people each time, its better to focus on your self and life priority. Then prepare for proper relationship.

And its hard. It never been easy tho. But, I’m trying (at least, in my own pace lol).

I feel grateful to the conversation that I never expected. That I know there are people who always there, listen to me and give me good advice. At least, no matter how stubborn I am, they are always there. And this is just a phase in my life (that I keep bumping into weirdos or good people). If I’m not ready for any commitment and relationship, nobody can forces me. And I can’t help if anyone has feeling for me. I just need my space for myself to improve and be the better version of myself.

Well, let’s see what happens in the future. Que sera sera. 🙂