Mudik 2018

Mudik or Pulang Kampung, is an Indonesian term to explain a migrant workers (or like me, student) who live outside their original city/country and return back home during Raya celebration (Eid). This year, just like any other people, I return home – Jakarta – from Canberra. The reason I return home is not just because its Hari Raya, but mostly because my Dad is sick. It is quite shocking because finally it made me realise that my parents are going older each day. And I just want to spend time with them before everything is too late.

Jakarta will always be home for me. And glad I’m back when everyone leaving the city. Although it is still polluted but somehow its still pretty on its own way.

My lovely polluted city

Always surrounded by trees and less people makes me feel a bit numb sometimes. But I enjoy the company of friends and family.

Speaking of my dad being sick, it’s not easy for our family. And each time it makes me realise, as the eldest children in the family, the responsibility is getting closer. Moreover, for some reason, my stubborn daddy only listen to me. So, I will use most of the times to discuss a lot of things for him to help him gain his health back.

By the end of the year, hopefully, I will finish my study in Australia. To be honest, I am sad because I’m gonna leave Canberra. I do love the city and the people there. But nothing is permanent, so I already prepare myself to detach from my comfort zone in Canberra. Yet, I know I’m gonna be so heartbroken when the time comes.

Anyway, Happy Eid peeps! Hopefully you enjoy your time wherever you are.

May God gives you peace and love to your heart.