I found a blog post written by Aldo about ‘Perjalanan Mencari Rumah‘ and it hits me right. I feel related to his writing especially the part of when he’s longing for a place can accept him as he is. The fight of identity within myself always lead me to questioned everything. True that, in my own country I’m the part of majority people. Moreover, also belong to privilege group too. Having Javanese bloodline, a moslem, live in capital, having a good quality of education, able to pursue my education to Master degree etc. But sometimes I have different value from people and some of them think I’m odd and against society’s value.

Able to live in Australia is a wide opening eye experience for me, especially to meet many kind of people who accepting me the way I am. Just like any other unpopular thought in many people who live abroad, I’m thinking to live outside Indonesia for the sake of experience, acceptance and possible better future options. I met a lot of immigrants from South Asian countries, African countries, Middle-east countries and they always laugh when I told them the idea of changing nationality is unpopular in Indonesia because its a sign of ‘not-love-your-country’. Some of them are reach success point (and willing to achieve more) and have better job or life, the others are still struggling.

I love to live and establish my life in Indonesia. Since I have big personal goals that I want to achieve here. But reading the current situation now, where conservatism groups are rising, nobody can easily predict about what will happen in next 5 or 10 years. Since democracy is about majority rules (although it supposedly protect the minority values as well), I don’t know what if the majority values against my own value. Some people will argue to fight back and build your own community that you wanted. But its not simple since you need to have some such power to do so. Now, I sound skeptical with the idea itself. lol.

Anyway, the question of home is always haunting me. Surely, Jakarta is always be home for me. But, Canberra is now became home as well. Just like what Aldo said in his post, home is a place when you can contribute something and its not just a place where you feel belong but also you build something on it. Where will I go for my next journey? Can’t wait to look for my third home 🙂


Less than 2 weeks I’m gonna go back to Canberra. Ternyata dua bulan ninggalin Canberra tuh bisa bikin kangen sama kota itu (nangis dalam hati). Many people say Canberra is a zombie city (yep, I agree on that). But I fall in love with the quiet and tranquil life style there. Yang awalnya enggak terbiasa dengan sepi-nya kota itu, sekarang kalau liat banyak orang udah bete duluan. That city is really suitable buat kamu yang suka sendirian and you will never feel lonely. Dan tentu aja kondusif buat belajar karena banyak ruang terbuka yang cocok buat kamu unwind dan bengong-bengong (sambil meratapi nasib + deadline tugas haha).

So in 2018 I promise myself to write more about Canberra. I don’t want to take for granted my experience there. Ditambah lagi waktu yang akan gue habiskan di Canberra kurang dari setahun!! I’ll gonna be sooooo sad when I have to back for good.

Maka dari itu dalam rangka #VisitCanberra dan #PromoteCanberra maka gue akan menulis banyak hal kenapa Canberra is the-most-liveable-city in the world versi gue (it already listed as number 3 by Lonely Planet anyway). When you heard about Australia, most people only think about visiting Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane (and yes, Brisbane is sooooo lovely! I love that city too!). Tetapi sebagai #ProudCanberrian, I will proudly promote my city.

My favourite building
Perfect sunset @Lake Burley Griffin
What spring looks like
Lovely blue sky
The infamous Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet

Anyway, dua bulan di Jakarta cukup membuat gue kaget. Yang namanya Reverse Culture Shock itu nyata adanya. Enggak usah bahas macet atau polusi yang nyebelin dari Jakarta. Perubahan pola pikir yang gue alami cukup membuat gue bersitegang dengan orang. This is me that has changed. I don’t know what will happen in another year. Well, anyway, can’t wait to go back home (=Canberra).

Although, I also gonna be sad to leave Jakarta for another year.

A House is Not a Home

“A room is a still a room
Even when there’s nothin’ there but gloom
But a room is not a house
And a house is not a home
When the two of us are far apart
And one of us has a broken heart”

Its not #songoftheweek actually, yet I found Trijntje Oosterhuis’s version for this song.  And I really wanted to post this to my blog.

For you who has been missing home. You know “home” not just a house. This song is for you.

I think today is the day when I finally have a quality time in my home. Pagi cuman lari sebentar kemudian enggak berencana pergi kemana-mana. Sesuatu yang jarang banget gue lakukan. Dalam setahun ini kalau dihitung jarang sekali dihabiskan waktu di rumah. Dan tadi saat makan siang (ehm, late lunch actually) baru ngeh terakhir makan masakan rumah (selain telor rebus sarapan gue dan nasi merah yang selalu gue bawa ke kantor) adalah 13 Desember kemarin. Walaupun masakannya hanya sederhana (sayur asem dan ikan asin pete plus sambel roa, sambel bu rudy dan bawang goreng palu ituuuu… nyammm.. btw ikan asinnya gue sengaja beli banyak waktu di manado) tapi rasanya nikmat banget.

Hopefully, di tahun mendatang bisa menghabiskan lebih banyak waktu di rumah bersama keluarga 🙂

Happy Holiday!!