#Fangirling over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

My previous post about “home” and nationality full of pessimism. I have to admit that being skeptical are my political choice lately since I always take everything with heart. It leads me to heartbroken and being hurt every time I see something unfair and against justice. Politics are bad, people keep saying that. As Harold Lasswell famous definition of politic is about who gets what, when and how. It is about a method to achieve something, mostly to achieve power. Politic is an action and the method chosen is sometimes anything as long as reach the goals. I underline the word anything since, it could be any possible way. And sometimes the way that against my value. Thats why many people don’t like politics.

However, the best way to change something is from within. If you become the part of the system itself, it more effective to change something rather than you do it from outside the system. I don’t say that social pressure from outside is not important. It is still important. But understand the situation inside the system, know the challenge inside, much more give valuable insight to change the system itself.

Then, I found her. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Who defeated a 10-term congressman in New York City’s congressional primary! And she’s 28 years old.

What so good about her, she inspired me and fires the light in my heart. I love politics and would love to do something to my own nation. Her positive attitude helps me to get excited again to do something for my country. Yet, she may be in US, but what she did has spread all over the world.

Many things that we can learn from her.

First, good people support good people. I do believe the only way to change a system is by collectivism. By supporting others (especially the one who shared similar value and purpose) to join the system, will help you to achieve the goals together.

Second, know your representation well. She is really good to profiling herself and make people can relate them to her. Just like any students in US, she has a student-debt that need to repay. She did part-time job as waitress and bartender. Much story that people can relate with. She knows the struggle within the people and she can capture it really well.

Third, I love the way she answered “there is nothing radical about moral clarity” when a reporter asked her if she’s too radical.

So, lets see how her journey continue in politics. ❤



I found a blog post written by Aldo about ‘Perjalanan Mencari Rumah‘ and it hits me right. I feel related to his writing especially the part of when he’s longing for a place can accept him as he is. The fight of identity within myself always lead me to questioned everything. True that, in my own country I’m the part of majority people. Moreover, also belong to privilege group too. Having Javanese bloodline, a moslem, live in capital, having a good quality of education, able to pursue my education to Master degree etc. But sometimes I have different value from people and some of them think I’m odd and against society’s value.

Able to live in Australia is a wide opening eye experience for me, especially to meet many kind of people who accepting me the way I am. Just like any other unpopular thought in many people who live abroad, I’m thinking to live outside Indonesia for the sake of experience, acceptance and possible better future options. I met a lot of immigrants from South Asian countries, African countries, Middle-east countries and they always laugh when I told them the idea of changing nationality is unpopular in Indonesia because its a sign of ‘not-love-your-country’. Some of them are reach success point (and willing to achieve more) and have better job or life, the others are still struggling.

I love to live and establish my life in Indonesia. Since I have big personal goals that I want to achieve here. But reading the current situation now, where conservatism groups are rising, nobody can easily predict about what will happen in next 5 or 10 years. Since democracy is about majority rules (although it supposedly protect the minority values as well), I don’t know what if the majority values against my own value. Some people will argue to fight back and build your own community that you wanted. But its not simple since you need to have some such power to do so. Now, I sound skeptical with the idea itself. lol.

Anyway, the question of home is always haunting me. Surely, Jakarta is always be home for me. But, Canberra is now became home as well. Just like what Aldo said in his post, home is a place when you can contribute something and its not just a place where you feel belong but also you build something on it. Where will I go for my next journey? Can’t wait to look for my third home 🙂

25 June 2018


Today is my birthday. I spent the night with two of my best friends and we kinda had staycation. When I woke up in the morning, I can see rain fell down to Jakarta. The Monday morning started in a gloomy mood. I always love see the city view from above and lucky we got room in 16th floor. The last time I saw city view from above is in Melbourne around end of May. However, for me Jakarta still looks prettier because of its vulnerability. I do remember it was also rainy morning in Melbourne. And I left the city with a weird emotion and feeling.

This morning in Jakarta, I still feel surreal of my own birthday. On one side of me kinda deny the fact that its my birthday, on the other side I kinda excited receiving text from friends. I have to feel grateful that I spent my birthday with my close friends and families. But what is birthday anyway, is a ticking down to lesser years in your life. Still, its a good time to reflect what you have been passed the previous year.

I have to say that my 27 years old journey quite an experience. I learnt a lot of things and completely change the way I am (my values, the way I think, etc) if I compare to previous years ago. Its true that people will change, but your future will be define by how your decision now.

I have been deeply in love

I have been hurt 

I learnt to stand tall and stood for myself

I learnt to say no

I made mistakes

I learnt to understand people shoes 

I learnt to trust people again

I forgive some people

I have so much fun

I became cold heart girl

I took random and impulsive decision

I learnt to do not think what other people opinion and focus on myself

I became stronger

Obviously after 2018 my life would not be easier as I will be graduate on December. Real life awaits for me. University is a safe bubble as a place to separate you from real world. So, during the second half of 2018 I know I need to prepare myself.

My friend asked me what is my wish for my birthday. All I can think is I am able to find a good job and career after I graduate (lol realistis banget). But some people (especially parents) think about marriage (well, typical Indonesian).

To be realistic as it may sound, I just need to prepare myself for any condition. Maybe I will be more ambitious this semester, who knows. But, lets enjoy life in Australia while you still have few months left there. ❤