#Fangirling over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

My previous post about “home” and nationality full of pessimism. I have to admit that being skeptical are my political choice lately since I always take everything with heart. It leads me to heartbroken and being hurt every time I see something unfair and against justice. Politics are bad, people keep saying that. As Harold Lasswell famous definition of politic is about who gets what, when and how. It is about a method to achieve something, mostly to achieve power. Politic is an action and the method chosen is sometimes anything as long as reach the goals. I underline the word anything since, it could be any possible way. And sometimes the way that against my value. Thats why many people don’t like politics.

However, the best way to change something is from within. If you become the part of the system itself, it more effective to change something rather than you do it from outside the system. I don’t say that social pressure from outside is not important. It is still important. But understand the situation inside the system, know the challenge inside, much more give valuable insight to change the system itself.

Then, I found her. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Who defeated a 10-term congressman in New York City’s congressional primary! And she’s 28 years old.

What so good about her, she inspired me and fires the light in my heart. I love politics and would love to do something to my own nation. Her positive attitude helps me to get excited again to do something for my country. Yet, she may be in US, but what she did has spread all over the world.

Many things that we can learn from her.

First, good people support good people. I do believe the only way to change a system is by collectivism. By supporting others (especially the one who shared similar value and purpose) to join the system, will help you to achieve the goals together.

Second, know your representation well. She is really good to profiling herself and make people can relate them to her. Just like any students in US, she has a student-debt that need to repay. She did part-time job as waitress and bartender. Much story that people can relate with. She knows the struggle within the people and she can capture it really well.

Third, I love the way she answered “there is nothing radical about moral clarity” when a reporter asked her if she’s too radical.

So, lets see how her journey continue in politics. ❤